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Countries where the military is strongest have the potential to be taken over by the military.  Many years ago, Sinclair Lewis stated:  
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."

Right now, as a country, we have private prisons with profit makers attempting to keep them good and full, because it is profitable to do so. That is in itself a scary proposition that poses a threat to the freedoms we cherish in this country. We don't lose freedom we give it away, inch by inch by well-meaning laws.
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While I was at the archive on Thursday, I saw posters like this for Urban Shield. I asked one of the guys for an explanation of what it is. He told me SWAT teams have been determined not to work very well, so law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. and in Israel and other countries have formed this militaristic organization to address violent incidents, a shooter threatening a school, a homegrown terrorist who bombs a car or building. Urban Shield zips in and takes care of it. They are always actively ready.

I brought up URBAN SHIELD on the internet and there are training videos of how things work. It reminds me of the same training a SWAT team gets. It is a readiness program. At first, I could find no information about how they are funded. None on how they work in response to a real emergency that makes them any different or superior to a SWAT team?

One site the language was so confusing, I couldn't understand what they were saying.

This site, for Boston was more explanatory:
Annually, the Region conducts Urban Shield Boston, a continuous 24-hour exercise, during which first responders are deployed to and rotated through various training scenarios. This is the largest exercise ever conducted in Boston, involving over 600 emergency responders from 50 agencies. The goal of Urban Shield is to test and evaluate specific public safety capabilities that have been developed, or enhanced, with the investment of funds received from the Department of Homeland Security through the UASI grant program and supports the regional objectives in Goal 1: NIMS.

HOMELAND SECURITY IS FUNDING THIS.  Hmmm!  I'm remembering President Eisenhower's words, "Beware the Military Complex."

Urban Shield Boston is a national model, full-scale exercise, designed to assess and validate the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of capabilities, as well as test the adequacy of regional policies, plans, procedures and protocols. This exercise incorporates regional critical infrastructure, emergency operation centers, regional communication systems, equipment and assets, as well as personnel representing all aspects of emergency response including intelligence, law enforcement, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units, Fire, EMS, etc. The link below:

It appears to be just a once a year exercise. A training exercise. So, how does it operate? And what will it morph into if funded as a full time "protection service", as in a military like service, like the National Guard, only  always on the street?  Do we need  a new layer of the military that roams the streets for, as suggested, 24 hours a day patrols in constant readiness?

Then I hit on a site from Oakland and I was in for a surprise. This is a group against Urban Shield that describes it as a venue to buy high priced, high class military weapons to use on the streets of our cities to be prepared for incidents like car bombings, etc.

Kind of makes me wonder who convinced the department that SWAT teams don't work well. And, makes me think that our police right now are more militaristic than ever. We have more incidents of shoot first and ask questions later.  You might want to check out the link below:

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Right now we have a constitution that isn't being used very much as in protecting the General Welfare of the People.

We have a FDA and an EPA that don't obey their own laws and rules. We have Corporations that write our laws to suit their interests rather than the interests of the General Public with the help of bought and paid for lawmakers we vote into office.   And, some would say we are facing insurrection and rebellion against a document a 5th grader can understand, a document that has held us in good stead for 200 years.

The 14th amendment to the Constitution, Section 3, states that no person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress who has engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the Constitution. Section 4 of that same amendment states the validity of the public debt incurred shall not be questioned, and shall be paid, excluding aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

Certain members of Congress have deliberately sabotaged and/or refused to fund the government and the debt ceiling, actually celebrating it. As such, these members are guilty of insurrection and rebellion against the United States Constitution, and thus should be impeached and removed from Congress.

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