Sunday, April 5, 2020


My mom and my dad's sister, my Aunt Mary Rowe, were great communicators. They would write a pithy quote on their letters and cards to each other and other relatives as well. I expect I've inherited their love of these short little quips of wisdom or humor.  With the Corona Virus and sequestering, I've found I do not have more time than usual. But I do more things that I like to do in the time I do have. So, here are some words from ages:

Well, first, a word of wisdom from me:  Don't do business with AT&T if you can avoid it. They have to be one of the worst companies for customer service.

Now, to the greats:

No man can conform his faith
to the dictates of another.
The life and essence of religion
consists in the internal
persuasion or belief of the mind

                   Thomas Jefferson, 1819

That woman tempted me,
And she tempts me still.
I pray to God,
She always will!

                  Perhaps the author (unk.) was fearful to sign it.

Life is short, live it!
Love is rare, grab it!
Anger is bad, dump it!
Fear is awful, face it!
Memories are sweet, cherish them!

                  Another unknown author but
                  a great quote.

Anything too stupid to be said, is sung.

                  Voltaire  (1694-1778)

Last words of a dying Pancho Villa:

Don't let it end like this,
Tell them I said something-  (1877-1923)

This is lousy weather for a wedding toast
but then it is lousy weather for just about anything.
It poured rain, ceaselessly all day.

Here is to the Bride
May you always have diamonds on your fingers
and knock-you-dead-destroy-the-paycheck
dresses to wear.
Here is to the Groom
May you have an indestructible paycheck.