Sunday, October 6, 2013


Yesterday, I had three leaning trees cut down and cut up for firewood. My worker will haul a trailer load of brush away on Monday. I meant to take a picture of my beautiful wood pile but I was busy with other things. Finally getting to the bottom of my mail for one.DSC01543 (Copy)
And designing a house that my son will build to replace my flooded mobile in Oregon next spring was the other.  The plan has to be submitted to the county within two weeks, and it must fit in the same space as the mobile which is very restricting at 14 feet wide. I have to mentally live in it to make it work for me. One bathroom is so small, I struggled with it. I had one time seen a toilet with a sink on top of it. I wished I could find something like it. When voila', into my email comes this Brilliant Future.


Now this design takes up way more room than I could spare, and it is ugly. The one I saw was right on top of the toilet tank. I wish I knew where it came from. I'll look on the internet in the coming months and maybe have it figured out by next spring. But, Brilliant Future has many other great ideas.
Foldable hiking shoes. Great for travelers or limited space like the Motor Home.


Packing your bike so you can ride part of the way.


Solar charging station for electric cars that are proliferating everywhere.


A key lock you can use in the dark if you forget to leave the light on. Or, if you come home drunk, says the maker.


I don't know about this wearable mouse. But, for people who spend all day on a computer, it might be just the thing.


This was my favorite. A solar tent. You can actually read when the sun goes down. Hey, super. What will they come up with next?

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