Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Yesterday, I worked on the computer most of the day. Busy, busy describes my days when I return home from traveling.  And, a mental promise to off load "stuff" I've been keeping. Such small considerations compared to the mess going on in the bigger world out there.  I get constant  emails to donate to this or that. Save the elephants, the U.S. has just crushed Ivory so it can never be used in trade. Exotic bird smuggling, rhino's poached for their horns are nearly extinct, the list goes on and on. But, today in my email , from a retired college professor friend, I received a link to a short video called the Most Honest Three Minutes Of Television. Here is the link:

And, in the news, the salmonella outbreak can't be addressed by a closed government.

And this:

Are we in a mess?  Yes.

A smidgeon of good news:

blog_reality_budget_deficit_small_1 (Copy)

We can't afford to have a government shutdown.

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