Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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Jim and I both have work to do. Me, at home, him on the Motor Home, but all work and no play is not a good idea. We decided to play on Sundays. He also goes “off the leash” as in off the diet. We drove up Ebbetts Pass to Lake Alpine. This view area is at the 6,000 foot elevation.
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Granite boulders tossed like children’s toys give the eye some change from the mono-color of so much green at mid-day when pictures are kind of flat looking.
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The many colors of green.
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Aiming my lens far across the canyon to the opposite side where a touch of yellow resembles fire.
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The hazy background made this tall sentinel evergreen stand out like a beacon.
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And this moss backed old grandfather tree has personality. The pictures probably don’t do it justice but the views along Ebbetts Pass really make it a beautiful drive.
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When we reached the lake, the water level was lower than I had ever seen it. Kind of scary. Everyone I talked to said the same. Jim had never been to Lake Alpine.
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Couds and lack of sunshine make for some interesting contrasts.
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If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see near the top of these huge granite boulders the permanent and low water lines.
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A lone fisherman on the point.
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Like these two women, we walked around and did some rock climbing. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do just three  months ago.
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Jim really gets into his photography. That’s why his pictures are so good. He told me this morning he took them all in watercolor mode.
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If I tried to plant a tree in my yard, from seed, where there is reasonable dirt and just ignored it, it wouldn’t grow. DSC01638 (Copy)

A fisherman too far away for me to talk to. We drove to the opposite end of the lake. But look directly above his hat and you can just see the normal water line.
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This couple is camped at the Lake. Tried fishing Saturday and gave up because it was too cold. They said they normally get browns and rainbows here. (Trout).
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A tree that was determined to grow out from under a rock. The scenery and the fresh air, in the mountains is invigorating and gorgeous.
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A touch of yellow among the pines. In the middle is a white pine that everyone around here likes best as a Christmas Tree.
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It’s been about three years since I’ve driven up the pass. Beyond Lake Alpine, the summit is a over 8,000 feet.  I’ve passed this old cedar post cabin with the broken down rock walls numerous times and told Jim, I’m going to stop and take a picture of it before it disappears. It is shuttered and closed up tight for the year.  No telling how long it has been there. It was 41 degrees cold up the pass. It was nice to return home to a hot late lunch and a video.

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