Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am not a fan of the National Rifle Association. Especially when I learned that they are now profiting and manufacturing guns that they are also pushing and marketing to kids. I was appalled when I found an offer to a Boy Scout Troop for an NRA rep to come out and teach seven and eight year olds how to use firearms. Their poster child is an eight year old girl who can handle a rifle like a pro. (I couldn't find that video but I found 6 others. These are parents teaching their kids to shoot. Not the NRA.)

On Yesterday's blog about Urban Shield, while all references are to "training", the end goal is for a military complex to be roaming our streets to "protect" us. I AM ALARMED. I HOPE YOU ARE TOO. I had not seen this speech from President Obama until a reader posted it on my blog:

I mentioned President Eisenhower's reference to the Industrial Military Complex. It has been ages since I heard that speech. But, here it is in full. You can click to skip the ad, the speech is very short and to the point.

If we do not safeguard our freedoms and separate from the military complex, we are courting disaster.

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