Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hitchhiking Refrigerators and Tupperware

Its a sunny Nov. 30th in Pio Pico, an RV Thousand Trails Park in Jamul. Jim likens the comings and goings in the park to a ballet as one rig leaves and another enters. His stress free philosophy takes hold and I'm enjoying the idea of mucho free reading time, not that I've done much reading-YET.
He is puzzling over his overloaded refrigerator.
Lets see...does that resonate with anyone? At home there are times when I cannot remove an ancient jar of pickle relish from the back of the frig because it is GLUED to the glass shelf.
Daughter Kristanne once claimed that little tupperware dishes were made to allow the leftovers to mold so you could throw them out. Oh, where did I go wrong? In her refrigerator foods are color coded, which reminds me of a fun book entitled "Hitchhiking Across Ireland With A Refrigerator." In the leftover haven was the lovely remnants of Thanksgiving dinner spent with daughter Kristanne and family. What a feast. Two different types of turkey, one smoked. Juicy and delish. The best dessert in the world via daughter Virginia, lets see, pears poached in white wine then baked on a short buttery crust spread with marzipan. Oh, my! Calorie City.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maybe an ax murderer?

My journey with "The Ramblin Man" began Nov. 21st. Before I signed up as a blogger, I kept a journal, thus several entries follow. Hopefully daily entries hence.

With butterflies in my stomach, I left all that is familiar, house, yardwork, responsibilities (great) wonderful neighbors and friends, familiar surroundings, (not so great), to take off with a STRANGER!!! Egads! What's to become of one such as me to place life and limb into the hands of a stranger? Well, he did tell me to check him out with the penal authorities....hmmm! He spent two weeks on my driveway in his RV and all the neighbor dogs liked him. The neighbors too. I went for it!!

Introduction to Mary'sRamblin's

Life tosses us opportunities. Mine came from an RV friend, Jim Jaillet who invited me to join him in an adventure, skipping about California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. HO! says I. Time for a slice of life, mental meanderings, a bit of philosophy, a peek over my shoulder as we ramble our way about to see what we can see. Hope you find enjoyment vicariously in this blog. Feel free to contact me via email: mgmatzek@sbcglobal. net