Monday, August 31, 2009


This is moving day in the true sense of the word. Jim and I pulled into my yard in Murphys yesterday. Old reliable, Panama or Bust, with the Bronco and the bike, sit comfortably under the oaks. Jim, a full timer, spent nine years of his life in this rig. Today, we move to my rig, the Terra. It is squeaky clean and I'm its second owner, but the newness hasn't worn off. It doesn't have the storage that Jim's rig has. But, a walk around queen, room to exercise for me. A trade off.
We'll be parked with only short outings for the next four months when we road warriors will be off and moving on wheels again.
The best thing about returning home? Catching up with family, friends and neighbors, and a true, juicy, tasty, sweet, sun burnished, VINE RIPENED TOMATO. Despite all the fruit stands and farmers markets we frequented, there is nothing quite like that gush of backyard tomatos and the distinct smell of the vines.

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squawmama said...

Mary so glad you all made it just fine. What excitement moving into a new motorhome. Yes you're so right there is excitement seeing the kids, family & friends after being on the road for a while. Have fun & enjoy your time at home.