Sunday, August 30, 2009


It was hot! Daughter and two sweet boys arrived. Above, 9 year old Owen, with the bedroom hair, was sick. He slept on a towel on the grass while we dunked in the lake. He slept under a tree in the shade while we played 8 holes of mini-golf. We finally had mercy on him, took him home, (close by Lake Minden). More comfortable at home, we spent the rest of the day playing cards while he dozed between video games and felt better.
This game, with 7 year old Theo, above, is a riot. Its called Ruckus. Fast moving, card stealing kind of game. It plays wonderfully with three people, kids, mixture of adults and children. No one has to know how to read so a six year old can play if they have an adult dealer. The box says its for 2-4 players ages 7 through adult. You don't have to score. Its just fun. Players can move in and out of the game and come back. A real delight. Grandma, the beginner, won the first game since we decided to score.
We then switched to Slamwich, also fast moving; a card flipping game and physically fun. For six year olds and up, it won the Best Toy Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.
Guess who won the Slamwich game?
I see a lot of grandparents on the road RVing with their kids and grandkids. These are great, easy to pack, and fun.

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squawmama said...

Hi Mary, I sure hope Owen is feeling a lot better today... Sounds like you had a great day despite his being sick... I sure wish I would have had that game when I had my granddaughter for 8 weeks... Looks like fun! Your little grandboys are so cute! Have a great day my new friend!