Tuesday, August 11, 2009


On every trip a little rain must fall and we cocooned in the motor home, popped popcorn, watched a movie and listened to the rain pelting the roof, or intermittently, dripping from the cedars that surround us. I looked at some water pictures I'd taken over the last 10 months and found one I liked of these ducks on the San Joaquin River, at Fishcamp in Manteca, Ca.
The swift flowing Skykomish River in Monroe, Wa. was so still and without a breath of wind one morning. The trees were beautifully reflected in the water.
Pelicans feeding at Salton Sea, in Bombay, Ca. Though not drinkable, this saltwater inland lake provides feed for many creatures, birds and humans alike.
This view of the Colorado River, just at sunrise was taken in Yuma, AZ. where it begins to dwindle to a shallow runnel of its former self.
Puget Sound mingles salt water with fresh water as the rivers empty into the bays, producing this misty view of the sound near Anacortes.
We are drawn to water for its live giving properties, but also for its beauty. And, we enjoyed the sound of the rain on the roof and the peaceful quiet to do nothing but relax.

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