Monday, August 3, 2009


Chuckanut Rd. was completed in 1896 and connected Whatcom County with points south, bringing commerce between Bellingham and smaller communities. Before that, everything was moved by water. It was quite an engineering feat for its day and now the modern road is a scenic highway hugging the Samish Bay.
The road names are a hoot, as in :Pull And Be Damned Rd., Bent Needle Lane, Devils Row and Farm To Market Rd. come to mind. Colorful, often unpronounceable Indian names challenge the tongue of the unknowing such as Sneeoosh, Squimigot and Kiket.
Choosing the restful backroads sometimes nets an unexpected treat such as these very authentic totem poles on a Lummi reservation rd. (The sun prevented good pictures.)

A newby to the area, I've become fascinated with the many Indian names and expect to learn more about the Pacific Northwest Indians as we travel.
And then Fairhaven itself, a 1890's town that is now part of South Bellingham, has great art, galleries, and shops. 11 historic buildings have been preserved and can be seen on a driving tour. More time at each location is something to strive for if you go.

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Welcome to the area...a small correction to your blog's ChuckaNUT.