Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know a lot about men. I should, I was married to one for 40 years. I've got five brothers, two sons, assorted sons and brothers-in-law, a new partner... I'm somewhat of an expert. I'll let you in on a little secret, men all share a common terror, RUNNING OUT OF TOILET PAPER.
How is it that the so called stronger sex gets positively shaky when it comes to toilet paper?
My sister one time confessed to me that her husband bought toilet paper every time he went into a store whether it was needed or not-'just in case." Not until the packages had taken over his tool space in the garage did he finally get the point, temporarily, anyway.
As for Jim and I, we live in a relatively confined space and one of the things you learn about living on the road, you can't 'stock-up shop' like you do at home. So, what's the problem?. We're not on the Gobi Desert
Shucks, there is a store in just about every two-bit haven we travel through and, in fact, there is a little store carrying most essentials in almost every campground or park we stay in. Here at Paradise we can see the store from our motor home window, its a one minute walk away, but does that matter? Run out of TP and the heavens are going to collide and some horrible force of evil will occupy your waking life forever! Now, you have surely guessed, this is MY FAULT, even though we make out our shopping list and shop together.
My belly aches from laughing, but Jim is only reluctantly smiling. He really can't see what is SOOOOO funny.
Alas. Life on the road carries its little inconveniences, you can manage without beer, meat, fruit, lettuce, shampoo... but God forbid we should ever run out of toilet paper.

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Diana said...

Are you sure it isn't that men are afraid of women running out of toilet paper?