Friday, August 7, 2009


Today is laundry day, one of those little things one must do between having fun. I'm soooo enjoying Washington State, but one has to do the laundry. Blogging is a volunteer job and one ends up blogging almost everything you do, but, no one wants to see my dirty laundry. So, I cruised through my photos and decided to choose five favorites. Above is a dancer from Lima, Peru. It was a dinner show and I didn't get her name. (2008)
This is Betty Coleman, 89 years young. She stands in front of one of her husband's paintings. Robert (Bobadoc) Coleman is one of my favorite artists and Betty is one of my favorite people. She is holding a bouquet of bottle brush she just picked. She is from Angels Camp, CA. (2008)
I'm charmed by the pose of this lovely lady with her creamy white shoulders and lace capped sleeves with her back to the artist. I want to know who she is? Who painted her portrait and why from that pose? I delight in enlarging this photo each time I come across her while perusing my albums and I sense a woman of mystery. This portrait hangs in the Astoria Heritage Museum in Astoria, OR. (2009)
This woman made me chuckle as she laid right down on the cement to get the right angle on that flower. She didn't object to my taking her picture taking a picture, but I didn't get her name. This photo was taken at Kautz Winery in Murphys, CA. (2008)
Tiffany, my hairdresser from Angels Camp always wears a smock. I would never have known she had a tattoo until we talked about tattoos and she readily removed her smock and showed them to me. Isn't she a beautiful woman? (2009)
I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my friends and chance encounters.

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