Monday, August 17, 2009


Its tough trying to do a travel blog without a steady signal. I've alluded to the fact that some places we stay provide a good signal, other places do not. Even when the signal is good, if it rains, or mists, or if a tree is in the way, we struggle. I didn't plan on spending three or four hours at this each morning and I'm pleading for help! Someone, out there, invent a gizmo to solve my problem, please?
Now, I know you'll tell me that I can buy a little card from Verizon or AT&T for $60 a month that will give me a signal, if I'm within cell phone range. Between Jim and I that is $120 a month while we are on the road, IF we get a cell phone signal, which we don't always have. Especially AT&T. My phone often doesn't connect when we are in the mountains and other interesting places off the beaten path. Verizon is somewhat better.
But the real reason I don't want to spend the money for the card is that I already pay over $65 a month to AT&T for a land line that I've had for 35 years that I can't use while I'm on the road. Then when I'm home, I have no use for my $60 a month card. That is usury.
I wonder, does AT&T pay to spread their lines across this fair land? I know I have to pay distribution fees. How much of my fees does the U.S. Government get from my phone bill? Why doesn't the bill reflect the fact that I'm not using it? I'd like to know quite how that works.
I remember when they broke up Ma Bell, we learned that it didn't cost the company any more to provide us with a long distance call than a local call, yet long distance was prohibitively expensive. When the phone company monopoly was disassembled, phone service changed dramatically, in some ways for the better. Basically these companies just print money, just like cable companies. So, lets get rid of monopolistic greedy practices, oh techno wizard, and rescue me from AT&T.
You can tell I'm on a rant.

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Diana said...

If it would help any, I just got the new Verizon Mifi. Up to 5 people can use it at the same time, so that would only be $60 a month between the two of you.