Sunday, August 16, 2009


It may not seem like paradise, but that is the name of the park/resort near the town of Silver Creek, Washington, which is our gateway to Mt. St. Helens.
Yesterday was a rainy day, today is misty and chilly and the internet signal is slow. We won't get to the mountain until tomorrow, but the park has so many amenities, tennis courts, two swimming pools, hot tub, horseshoes, a library/computer center, kayaking, fishing, pool and table tennis, an arcade for the teens, an activity/crafts center for all. Here the rangers prepare an ice cream social, pancake breakfast on Saturday plus weekend entertainment of some kind. It isn't unusual to have barbeque and s'mores offered. The rangers tote closed fireplaces to campsites on request when they ban burning in the fire rings. The kids around here are biking, skateboarding and in general having a great time. Paradise is pretty apt for a vacationing family.
For that matter, living in Washington can be a paradise considering some lesser places. Its a great state.

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