Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've always been a traveler, but RVing for long periods of time is new to me. Homecoming is wonderful. But...things have a way of changing in your absence. The doorman has cobwebs.

The candles melted in that week of 105* temperatures.

The apples are numerous and small sized because they didn't get thinned.
But, I came back to a new deck, picnic table resurfaced, my gate posts widened to accomodate the new, wider motor home, a new set of stairs. Magic?
No. My talented son, Doug, the carpenter and caretaker, produced the magic. How nice it is. Makes me think If this life style catches on, who would want to stay home?

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squawmama said...

Mary I can tell you this life style is the BEST! I love it and see no stopping in the near future... Have Fun & Enjoy your family.