Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is sunrise over Lake Minden in May of this year.
This is sunset at Lake Minden, last night. Kind of hazy and cloudy.

Today is Saturday. Its only going to be 100 degrees and "Weather Wimp Jim" is shuddering. (I can't blame him.) He is used to weather between 66 and 73 degrees. I'm going to spend the day in the lake with my daughter and grandkids and just vegetate. That way, I won't have to listen to Jim cry.
We are parked at Thousand Trails Lake Minden which is 20 miles north of Sacramento. We started our trip on May 27th at Lake Minden and we'll end this trip, our last night in the old motor home, here at Lake Minden.
I'm Looking forward to heading back to Murphys, loading into the new motorhome, and the new adventures to come. Plus, Thailand in December. (Not in a motorhome.)

We've just become acquainted with a blog at this link
which referenced Jim and I as partners with separate blogs. Very fun site.
Which also acquainted me with squawmama Donna.

I hate being a techno dummy. To some were given talents with complicated stuff like how do you get a message to POST to your blog. I read them, click the button, click publish this message, and nothing? I just bumble along. If it weren't for my partner, Jim, I'd be living in a techno swamp unable to post anything.
Anyway, squawmama, Donna left me a message and I clicked all the buttons and it still doesn't appear on my blog. I WILL FIND YOU.

Life is good and then you blog. (sounds like something someone does when in trouble, no?)

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squawmama said...

Well here I am again Mary ☺☺☺... Beautiful pictures of the sunrise... I really love any picture of a sunrise or sunset... How is that TT park? We'll be hitting it next fall with our friends... Have Fun and try to stay cool!

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