Saturday, August 8, 2009


Grandy Creek Thousand Trails sits near the town of Concrete. At one time, Jim worked selling memberships in 3 of the last four parks we've stayed. He considered it a healthy pursuit for families within range of numerous beautiful parks in Washington to buy into the park concept of not only vacationing, but spending weekends with their kids away from television and electronics. Even young children can be turned loose to run and play within the guarded park complex with multiple fun things to do, giving parents moments of respite and rest as well.
I usually ride my bike around the complex then check out the internet signal in the lodge. I notice that the parks become a nature preserve because all around them, trees are gone. Here the old growth trees remain. The one above was situated in such a manner I could get far enough back to photograph the entire tree, five times taller than the building next to it.
I didn't walk the entire tree bridge because of my recent surgery, but I would have liked to.
This camper obviously has a number of girls.
All ages enjoy jumping on the jumping "pillow." Other offerings: swimming pool, horse shoes, trails, berry picking, mini golf, basket ball, plus the planned activities.

Jim's rig among the trees.

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