Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have a priority list and blogging isn’t on it. But, I did read my email this morning and saw that 80,000 africanized honey bees attacked a woman in Palm Desert where we were just parked in February. The woman survived, but the bees they removed were being donated to farmers?  No explanation of that statement. It left me wondering. Maybe somebody else can explain how and why they would donate these killer bees to farmers?
I have advertised for someone with Western Driver cords to help me get my pictures out of my backup storage drive. (Jim and I believe my cords evaporated into thin air out of the motor home.)
My friend John Hofstetter, with a powerful magnifying lens found the model number. WD5000N1U-00. Other than that, no luck. But, I have two more people from my computer group who are trying to help me.
I’m trying to find a mobile home for my son to live in while he rebuilds my place in Oregon that flooded last year.
Making sense of new phone service offers is challenging. I’m amazed at the varying services out there. International Cellular can actually provide me service while I’m in Turkey. But, AT&T with more towers than we have ants, can’t get me steady service in Murphys? I don’t get it.
And, my taxes await. I get that, but don’t like it.
I cruise through my photos now and then and this album represents a really fun time we had in Port Arthur, Texas: You can click the album for a slide show.
I hope I did this right.

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