Monday, March 17, 2014


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Let me set the stage. Jim and I were talking about going to daffodil hill, fifty miles away. Kautz Ironstone Winery does a great job with a daffodil show of their own. You walk their extensive gardens and view barrel after barrel of gorgeous flowers. Not only daffodils but tulips and pansies and hyacinths. They host a daffodil show, inside, which to me is less interesting than the gorgeous outside gardens.
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It was all the more enjoyable because the weather was perfect, but the flowers speak for themselves.
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Still, Kautz advertises this as a Daffodil Show. And people every year come from miles around to show off their efforts.
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In one area undercover, but out-of-doors, is a contest of daffodil bouquets. Kind of reminds me of place settings at the County Fair. They are interesting.
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This particular setting won a silver bowl.  Suffice it to say, there is a lot to see if you decide to attend next year.
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Again, setting the scene, this is the daffodil show room. Their placement and how they are judged is for you to see by attending. I question how anyone can choose one daffodil over another since they are all  beautiful and here you find perfection.
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For a more complete view of his lovely place, you can click on my album to view many more pictures: A full screen slide show is gorgeous.


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