Monday, December 9, 2013


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That first snow, at 5:00 a.m. surprised me. I'd never seen it that deep in Murphys. I wished my old friend Buster Reidel was still around to confer with. He would know how unique is was or wasn't back to 1920. He used to advise me not to plant my tomatoes until after Frog Jump. He was keen about local weather patterns.
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Tree limbs bent over the roof and over the railing.
DSC02104 (Copy)
The small wires that hold my summer shade cloth were totally encased in snow.
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It made for some pretty pictures.
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My housemate, Karen's car, isn't garaged. After a lot of melt, she braved the first day, and got out to the store for cigs. you can see where she was parked. Coming back was a different matter.
DSC02128 (Copy)
She was all over the driveway getting back. But, it was a smarter choice because that partly melted snow is now ice.
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When the power went completely out, it was still light outside. People up here know to have a good supply of candles and flashlights. I covered the end of the table with an old tablecloth and set up the outage. I placed candles in strategic places in each room. We ate soup and bread for a light supper. People in the east probably chuckle at our unpreparedness for snow, but we do know how to weather a power outage.

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