Thursday, December 26, 2013


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Our Christmases are very much the same in some ways. Family card games...
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...snacking on things we don't make at any other time of year, especially the cookie varieties.
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Celebrating family under the same roof.
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Special for Laurie since moving back to California is having her sister Michelle and brother-in-law Wayne close by.
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Computers add a bit of levity with this jib-jab video Laurie put together of family members heads dancing around on elf bodies.
IMG_3266 (Copy)

It is ElfYourself. Silly and funny.
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Laurie is an extraordinary cook, and roasted a prime rib and made foccia bread that she bakes on a pizza stone.
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Doug carved the roast "beast"...
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We sat down to our feast, with ravioli and salad. We toasted our presence instead of presents.
As for my self, I am truly humbled by the riches we enjoy. Not just wonderful food, but the richness of family.  Merry Christmas for another year and as Tiny Tim would say, "God Bless You Everyone."

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