Sunday, December 1, 2013


DSC01981 (Copy)
The end of a paint job. Though, Laurie still has other rooms to finish.
DSC01974 (Copy)
The end of Mikey’s stuffed toy-soon. He loves them to death.
DSC01729 (Copy)
The end of work on the bronco and motor home. My bike reloaded on the back.
DSC01926 (Copy)
The end of our cool weather and pink sunsets. Jim read me the weather report.  From the sixties, the weather will turn cold;  40′s during the day, and 20′s and 30′s at night.
“I get out of here just in time,” declared Jim, the weather wimp. He misses the road. He is scheduled to leave at 10 a.m. Monday morning. The end of his stay as he heads south. First  Manteca, a stop in Bakersfield, then Palm Desert, which leads him to Yuma, snow bird country. I finished cleaning out the medicine cabinet and the spice drawer yesterday. We put sheets back on the bed. Doug will come up to install a shoe rack he built for the motor home. I will sort through books I want to take with me. I’ll load the new lightweight computer into the motor home, though, I’m having my doubts about carrying it back and forth, which was the objective. It was frustrating having stuff on one computer I couldn’t access from the other computer.  I fiddled with the new one  for hours last night and it takes two or three clicks to perform tasks in system 7, that take one click in Vista. I’ll load the computer and hope for the best;  forcing myself to use it on the road. Groan. It might have been smarter to carry a separate drive back and forth.

Jim doesn’t listen to popular radio with commercials but there is a song I like, “You’re going To Miss Me When I’m Gone.”  With us, the ending isn’t terribly long.  I’ll fly to meet him in January.

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