Sunday, December 22, 2013


It is one of those years when special tasks tend to overwhelm my usual Christmas rituals. I see little kids with boundless joy at the impending Holiday and I hope people won't go into debt for Christmas. When your kids are young and their school chums are bristling with every toy and electronic device known to exist, better to be swift to love and make haste to be kind. Teach lasting lessons of friendship and generosity. Teach what is really important and they will retain something for life long after the material things they crave are forgotten. DSC02259 (Copy)
Have fun.
DSC02276 (Copy)
Laugh a lot.
DSC02282 (Copy)
Sing and listen to music.
DSC02281 (Copy)
Help with the decorating.
DSC02272 (Copy)
Dream a little of what might be.
DSC02267 (Copy)
Be positive, that snow will come.
DSC02283 (Copy)
Spend some time with grandpa ;or special loved ones.
DSC02284 (Copy)
Remember when Dad got on the floor and played with you at Christmas?
DSC02288 (Copy)

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