Friday, December 13, 2013


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Jim and I do not accept advertising on our blogs. We don’t get paid to blog, we do it because we like traveling and blogging about our travels. But, I’m not against reporting good or bad experiences with products we use or businesses we’ve encountered.
TECH 108, a computer fix-it shop is unique because they charge a flat price of $60 to fix your problem. If it needs parts or something more is involved, they diagnose and let you know the bad news right then and there at the counter.  We call them Geeks, people who can jump on your computer and in minutes fix your problem. Their philosophy appears to be most fixes are easy,  and thus they charge a fair price. They sell used laptops for $150 with a guarantee. You can bring in your old one and sell it and when you buy  a used machine, you know it is in tip-top shape. Really nice people. The young technician  on the right helping a customer,  hardly had time to take a breath between customers.  I arrived close to closing time and I’ll be able to pick up my computer today with my pictures back on an external hard drive. He also places a lifetime security system, it is free,  on your computer that is better  than anything you can buy. They are located in Jamestown, five minutes West of Sonora on Highway 108, just past Rolling Hills Rd. Thus the name, TECH 108. They came highly recommended to me by four different people. So, if you need help, this is the place to come.
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To diss a great company like Kellogg’s pains me. Mr. Kellogg would be appalled at what the corporate owners of the great cereal he started as a health food turned out to be. This cereal, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch, is NOT a healthy food to eat. It is junk food though they unashamedly advertise it as a healthy way to start the day. NOT!  It has five different types of sugar, not counting the sweet raisins. You know the jingle, “…two scoops of raisins in every box…” Let me list them for you:
The second ingredient is sugar. Then it is brown sugar syrup, corn syrup, molasses, and honey.  In one cup of cereal you get 19 grams of sugar. I obviously didn’t read the label before I bought it.I opened it and I tried to eat it. I’ve mixed it with oatmeal, both raw and cooked, and grape nuts plus oatmeal and plain bran with unsweetened applesauce to mitigate the sweetness.  Nope. It is like eating sugar out of a package.Karen and I are filling up a box to take to the food bank. My cereal box has two bags, one unopened.  I debated about passing it on. I finally told Karen I was going to dump it in the compost heap. She said, no. Children are hungry and it is food. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to feed their kids this dose of sugar.
She said, “They eat candy with no vitamins at all.” I relented and it is going to the food bank. But, I’m going to eat Moms Best or Post Raisin Bran and never support with my food dollars another  Kellogg product.

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