Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Christmas is a busy enjoyable time and if I ran the world, I’d stop all those pesky things during the holidays, like funerals, frozen pipes, and a leaking septic system pipe. (Being fixed today… )

DSC02188 (Copy)

I’d also have pesky snow gone, gone, gone by now. Still hanging around in spits and spots. Today, today, snow, be gone!

I took time out from my tasks for a walk. The weather was beautiful and sunny at 63 degrees.
One real treat was spotting a woodpecker I didn’t recognize. Those red-headed pileated woodpeckers are common around here. This one had an orange head, thicker in the neck than his red-headed cousins. The wing feathers were striped black and white like a herring bone suit. Beautiful!!
But, raise the camera, and flit! Gone.

I guess I have to quit complaining about the lingering snow if mother nature also brings me the joy of a beautiful bird.

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