Sunday, July 19, 2009


This sturdy brick church on Lewis St., the old part of Monroe, resembles a mission and piqued my curiosity. In fact, within two blocks are 4 churches on Lewis St. and none of them have a placard or information about them.
The Monroe Historical So. has the following information about this church built in 1924:

Methodist-Episcopal Church

The Methodist-Episcopal Church
Monroe Historical Society photo #301

Monroe's United Methodist Church, then called the Methodist-Episcopal Church, was the first church in Monroe. Members began by meeting in Austins' barn until 1896 when they completed this handsome, white church and parsonage on South Lewis Street, which was replaced by the present imposing brick church in 1924. At first members were led in worship by circuit riding ministers, who served a number of parishes. For a number of years the ME Church was the only one in Monroe, and it periodically hosted services in Swedish for the Swedish settlers.

The church (above) has old stained glass windows that are quite beautiful. No information on it. The photo that follows appears to be a house made over into a place of worship. While I couldn't find out anything about them, I really like the atmosphere of this town and this particular block seems friendly and somewhat quaint. The number of churches in the area was difficult to determine because several different websites gave different numbers, and there seems to be more interest in multiple listings and Taco Bells than churches.
Many old settlements were strong on drink but here, the ratio of taverns to churches favored the churches. That does say something about the community.

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