Thursday, July 23, 2009


Goodbye Monroe after 17 days. Bronco repairs delayed us 3 days, but the RV lifestyle accommodates delay. A slower pace, a lovely river, gave me permission to tackle Gary Jennings thousand page, (small print) book, The Journeyer which is historical fiction based on Marco Polo's discoveries, cultures along the silk road; the conquered territories of Genghis Kahn; Tibet, China, India, Persia, Arab cultures and Europe are all accounted for. He delves into the sexual practices of different cultures and tribes; their dress, weapons, transportation, religions, traditions, buildings, animal husbandry, food, medical practices, slavery and cruelty. Man's inhumanity to man never fails to astound me. Jennings goes into detail about torture practices among the various peoples Marco Polo encounters. (Shudder) Its a worthy read despite my revulsion. We then watched Goya's Ghost, which deals with the Inquisition. Again, man's inhumanity to man. The movie is also a compelling historical statement. Whenever we complain about government, it pays to bring to mind how much worse life was in ancient times. (The photo below is from Goya's Ghost.)
On the personal side, I was able to swim freely since my shoulder surgery/therapy, and took advantage of the pool. I so wanted to get on that lazy river, but didn't trust my strength to the current. I even got Jim in the pool.

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