Monday, July 13, 2009


RVing is relatively new for me, that is, in spending more than a month on the road in one. Lest you think this is a perpetual vacation, there are times when one must rest from all the fun; do the laundry, rearrange things and toss stuff. One can't accumulate much stuff in a motorhome. The unspoken rule: something comes in? Something must go! It is cleansing to the soul.
We adjusted the new seat on my bike, laid around and watched the river, napped, read books, took old movies we have watched and books we've read to the Good Will store. Jim decided he will no longer give slide presentations on his trip to Panama in 2004. Its old news. Out goes the projector and screen. The old Polaroid is no longer useful. The crock pot has a crack in it. The microwave quit. The pressure regulator on the water gave up. It rained a bit yesterday and today. A mechanic is coming to adjust the choke on the carburetor and Jim has his yearly physical this week.
There is something to be said for letting your brain turn to mush and just loll around and eat pretzels and cheese. A good beer helps. And, this morning I got a friendly recipe from a reader on how to cook razor clams, and when we pass through Long Beach I'm going to give it a try. This is a good time to mention how low-techie I am. Even though I click "publish" comments, once I've read them I've never figured out how to view comments on my blog for those of you who've asked me why? Beats me. Its reasonable to assume there will be a new media to replace blogging by the time I figure it out. But, I enjoy and thank you for comments.

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