Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My partner, Jim, gets his mail forwarded from Ohio, his cell number is from Southern Connecticut and his vehicle license is Washington.
If you live in a city you establish a retinue of favored service people, mechanic, plumber, places to shop near you. Traveling and living on the highways means doing everything away from a home base. Jim's favorite grocery store is the Food For Less Markets. (They're CA. based.) His favorite mechanic is in Monroe, WA., his doctor is in Seattle, his dentist is in Mexico. He boondocks most frequently at The Slabs near Niland, California.
Road warriors are no different than more rooted residents. His cortege is just spread out among several states and countries.
Changing the oil, or working on a vehicle means visiting mechanic and friend Mike Coleman.
We spent the day, as all road warriors must, getting work done on the Broncos. Basically transferring the hitch, a transmission locking device for towing and other accouterments to the new Bronco and rewiring it to fit the motor home.
Mike and his wife Vicki supplied me with a wireless signal, a comfortable chair, hot coffee and company for the day while the guys worked. You don't get service like that in town.

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