Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Family gatherings are amazing dramas of interplay between friends, siblings, relatives, near relatives, neighbors, the dogs, along with various others who happen to get in the play or in the way. Independence Day, while remembered for its significance, seems to take second up against the barbeque, the beer, the card games, the pool and sun and fun.
Makes me bet the kids and their cousins have forged lasting memories just as we did at family gatherings of old.
As adults we still talk about those silly things when we get together. Remember when Gary fell out of the tamarack tree? Or, when Sean's dog, Patches, chased Chubby up a tree? When Ken swore he would name his first son Flashlight Gordon? Doug thought he could fly with his superman cape on? A baby chick pooped on Virginia's head? We chuckle at each other's expense.

Besides appreciating the founding fathers, we thank the legislators who set this day aside for us to celebrate freedom and family, and memories. And, for us, it was also a family birthday celebration. Laurie hit the Big 50!

Jim and I returned to the motor home parked in Monroe, Washington, yesterday, none the worse for the wear. Jim's first time with the whole fang-damily put his ears to throbbing at the constant hubbub. (We've been called the LOUD family a time or two.)

For more photos click on: http://picasaweb.google.com/1579penn/IndependenceDay#

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