Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm an admitted movie snob and Harry And The Hendersons was reeeely low on my list of movies I might want to see. Jim, however, told me about Harry and pals...excitedly. It seems that near the town of Barrington, which we passed on the way to Stevens Pass, stand these statuesque reminders of the movie location. It was shot in the deep woodsy, riparian area of Washinton just off Highway 2 and we HAD to stop. (I personally think they are quite schlocky.) And, the building used in the movie sits here as Dr. whats-his-name's place, like a mini quonset hut. (Yeah, schlocky.) Guess ya had to see the movie.
That night, Jim insisted we watch the movie on a DVD he conveniently "found" in his storage box.
Now, I'm not going to say it was wonderful, but it was cute, and had some funny moments, and the kids will definitely love it. The kid in the movie, Ernie was his name, was cute and believeable. I at least liked the kid instantly. And, I recalled, while the filming of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, the tv series filmed in Murphys and sourrounding communities, the real star of the show for we locals was the recognizeable background scenes in the series. Soooo I had to cut Jim some slack. I recognize the burble of identification that takes place for who knows what psycological reason..."this is right where they returned Harry to the wild...this is the building where Dr. Wright carried on his research into sasquatch..."
And, well, now I can say I'VE BEEN THERE.

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