Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I posited yesterday that the time comes for the old stuff to go and be replaced with new stuff. Its a bit sad to watch Jim remove stuff from the old 1984 Bronco and fit it into the shiny "new" 1986 Bronco. Realize that the Bronco is a "toad", vernacular for the vehicle you tow behind your motor home. If I'm remembering right, the 1984 has 275,000 miles on it, probably half of them towed miles. What I'll really miss is the looks people give you on the freeway or in a parking lot when they see all the bullet holes in the old Bronco. Jim's rig has been to Panama and back, eight countries and 16 border crossings in 2004, which he advertises on his toad and motor home. Truth be told, those marks aren't bullet holes. They just LOOK like bullet holes. Even so, its fun. Some people gape and appear frightened by you. Others curious from a distance. Some, affable, friendly, ask questions outright, and they learn there are NO bullet holes.
Shucks, life would be so much more interesting if we could get the 1986 to wear in the same manner, doncha think?

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