Saturday, July 18, 2009


Its hard to convey just how cute these little burrowing owls are. Approximately six inches tall and under, they cavort freely while we admirers watch them. The champ who flew to the top of the post looks as stately as an eagle in the photo, but in reality is just a little guy.
This owl habitat is typical of the Davis area of California, hot, dry, they congregate near crop fields and live on mice and bugs. When a housing project and golf course went in and disrupted them, the developer was required to restore a percentage of their habitat. A walking trail beside the green belt provides a trail side view of the restoration. The pipes, laid under mounds, protect them from hawks where they can quickly scoot to shelter.
It is pleasing to know that society is much more aware of sharing our planet with our feathered and furred companions rather than plowing everything out of existence when we build.
We visited the owl habitat just before heading back to Washington and I'm reminded how dry and hot it is in California and how cool and green it is here. Besides the Skykomish River as our daily back drop, this nearby lush glade soothes the soul. Living in an RV is new to me, and escaping the heat for cooler Washington is one of its pleasures.

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