Friday, July 24, 2009


This Escapee Crossing sign was erected next to the on-ramp closest to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA---for about 35 minutes. Just long enough for the jail's commanding officer to have it hastily removed. A bit of humor perpetrated by no-one-knows-who. The sign now hangs in the Alameda County Sheriff's Archives. This deed was done in the 1970's when the old jail facility was bursting at the seams and the department experienced 11 escapes in one month.
This well developed mannequin stands as a signpost to a motorcycle shop in Murphys, CA. Some folks claimed it was offensive and wanted it removed. The human body's natural form is not offensive, claimed cooler heads, and the sign remains.
Rogue Agents Will Cause A Nuclear War In 2012. Call 1-571-288-3633. That is the message on the side of this car in a lot near Dismal Nitch, near Ilwaco, WA. which led me to ponder??? We waited, and watched for awhile, but the driver never did show up. I never called the number. If YOU do, let me know.
Being on the road tends to put you in touch with an unusual number of independent books stores. This one in Marysville, WA was not as cluttered and disorganized as some we've seen, but there was something kind of homey about the place even if you couldn't find anything you were looking for. The surprise here is that you find likeable books you never would have encountered in a well organized book store. (Besides, the owner had a nice cat.)
Be it ever so humble, there is no place like...this church? Its been there for many years, hasn't grown, has a working phone number. Its called The Vitality Christian Church. Maybe it only has two members? Maybe its a tax dodge? Dunno? Its located in Gold Bar, WA.

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