Thursday, July 9, 2009


Airport art has become somewhat derigueur these days. The fascinating displays next to the people mover in the San Francisco Airport piqued my interest many years ago and I'm always delighted and surprised to see airports employ artwork as part of their structure or as enjoyable displays.
My recent flight from SEA-TAC to Sacramento, both river cities, each had a river running through them. At SEA-TAC bronze fish inlayed the stream of floor tiles. In Sacramento, a blue river of tiles flows along the floor.
Sacramento's baggage claim area has two sculptures made up of old travel trunks, bags and luggage. They bring smiles and contemplation of where these bags may have traveled? What exciting ports? What cities? From what countries did they carry our personal items?
Outside the building are giant birds in flight.
It is hard to say why the human ability to produce an everyday object in a perceptive way that may only resemble the real thing delights me so. But it does. And, thus, I idiotically take pictures so that I may grab a little piece of it for myself to keep and remember.

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