Friday, July 10, 2009


We are staying in Monroe, Washington, which is close to Lynnwood, Washington. We've driven by this station several times, me with camera out the window, attempting, at this busy, tight, street corner,to get a picture of this place which sits at the bottom of Gunnysack Hill. No such luck. The light changes, traffic streams by- missed again. No time to stop. Jim suggested I make an internet search for it. There it was on Debra Jane's web page. She specializes in Road Architecture which includes gas stations, Firestone Tire centers, diners, signs, Paul Bunyans, Drive In Theaters, Pet Cemeteries, Mini Golf Courses, Tee pees- and more. She has 30,000 photos and 1500 pages on her websites with interesting, quirky subjects. She is a preservationist and
Her work is awesome.

Keeler's Korner
was built in 1927. The building had living quarters upstairs and a grocery store and gas station downstairs. The station originally sold Signal gas. It closed in the mid-1960s. In 1970, the building was used as an antiques store and dressed up with Mobil signage and old pumps.
Old timers who grew up in the area give a personal history of the station at this link:
Not only this old station, but many others were on the Washington page. Debra Jane's main website is: a must see. Or go directly to the gas stations on

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