Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My cousin Bob Moore became a “Phillipshead” years ago when he got acquainted with an outlaw radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area, KFAT. They had a small but loyal audience and Bob first heard Bruce Phillips, or Utah Phillips as he is known, on KFAT and began attending his concerts. He became a devoted fan of Utah’s.
Bob retired from Pleasanton and relocated to Nevada City because it had good bookstores as a major plus. It was also, coincidentally, the home of Bruce Phillips. He appreciated Phillips wobbly background, friendliness and approachability. Phillips took up causes and it showed in his incredible music.
“He was always there to meet and greet people after his concerts. A big guy with a long flowing main of silver hair and a silver beard. I’d see him around town, most often dressed in bib overalls and a flannel shirt, just a common guy but an unbelievable philosopher. Unfortunately, his most requested song was Moose Turd Pie, but he really did some great music. The Long Memory is my all time favorite. He could really make you think. He had a great impact on me.
“About 4 years ago, Phillips got the Hospitality House started here in Nevada City. It was a moving shelter that moved from church to church and provided services to the homeless. He started this event where he encouraged the local potters to make soup bowls. The restaurants made the soup, the bakeries made the bread and people bought a bowl of soup and bread for $10, (now it costs $20), and they got to keep the bowl. The proceeds went to support the indigent.
"I can also recommend his protégé, John Mc Cutcheon who sings all the Woody Guthrie era music. He always involves the audience and if you go---you sing!”
Bob told me about Utah Phillips and I visited his website. www.utahphillips.org Great stuff.
Bob, is a philanthropic soul himself, having a huge part in the charitable Thanksgiving Day Dinner served free every year in Pleasanton. The feast is now a long term event and anybody is welcome to participate. Kudos!

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