Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today, I stopped at Murphys Realty to have papers notarized by my dear friend Kendra North, after which we went to lunch at Grounds. Kendra and I met as quilters and for years we met on Monday nights and quilted and gossiped and sipped. Then life changes and habits change, too. But, golden friendships, we never forget.
This legal paper was necessary as a neighbor of mine in Oregon crosses a corner of my property to get to his house at the end of a dirt road. According to the paper work, his family has been crossing this patch of my land for 70 years. Who am I to even think about denying him legal access, especially since the papers claimed they could win the right in court and they would take me to court on January 15th if I didn't sign? I, mean, I was in Yuma on Jan. 15th? Not too friendly, this paperwork. And, my erstwhile neighbor isn't too friendly either. His boys have rammed my gate with their pick-up. My foster daughter and her husband visited my place for the first time and mistakenly thought my place was at the end of the road, and "friendly" neighbor drew guns on them for having the gall to drive into his driveway. The same thing happened to my cousin in his motorhome. I was tempted to return the paper with a note politely requesting that he never draw weapons on my guests and I would be glad to sign. But, in the end, I thought better of it, signed the paper and enjoyed my good and true friend Kendra instead.
Lunch was delicious but the company nonpariel.

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