Saturday, February 7, 2009


Some of us love weather. There is just something about the bluster and change that winter brings; the winds of March and the bursting greens of spring with hot summers to follow that makes you feel alive. But...not so for Jim. He likes the 74-80 degree weather pattern and if HE were to control, it wouldn't change. He is driving to Murphys in his motor home as I write and I haven't warned him that the weather report is predicting snow-OH, NO, SNOW-down to 2,000 feet. He hasn't been rained on in 8 years, or some such! Haven't a clue what will happen if the white stuff actually touches his skin. Yikes!
But, you know, the drought is upon us and we need that water even if it comes down as bits of ice. I took a picture of the Parrots Ferry Bridge over New Mellones. The red dirt shows how low the reservoir is and how dismal the future for Calaveras County and California in general, if this dry trend continues.
Soooo, I've got wood for the fire, I'll mull some wine, light the candles, and cook up some South of the Border Stew. Ahh. Stave off the chill. But, I think I'll hide the thermometer just the same.

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