Friday, February 6, 2009


In a previous blog I posted an incorrect address dealing with smoke detector failure, something I learned about from my inside the industry friend, Richard Patton. I corrected it, but I'm copying the letter I received from Adrian Butler so you will see the correct address and be reminded once again about this important issue because even Public Fire Safety people have been bamboozled about the efficiency of smoke detectors.
Gidday Mary
Crickey that was quick! What would we do without the Internet :-)
If you go onto 'The Evidence' page and scroll down to the 'Far Worse than the Pedophile Priests' document by Mr Patton (10 Jan, 2009), then click on the 'More>>>' button you will see that you have a friend who could soon become famous. Mr Patton is an inspiration to us here at the World Fire Safety Foundation in Australia. We would have given up on this battle had it not been for his amazing tenacity. If you have an opportunity you'll find the website is particularly damning now as we've started calling a spade a spade. If you haven't seen 'The Corporation' it is an amazing film to watch - please get all your friends and family to check it out too as it is a real eye opener. You can access it from our 'Home' page.

Take care Mary and thank you once again for your help in spreading the word.

Warmest regards

Adrian Butler
World Fire Safety Foundation
Gold Coast, Qld, AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 409 782 166

Thanks Adrian for giving me another opportunity to get the word out.

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