Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Visitors to the Motherlode pine to live in "God's Country." But, they haven't a clue what life can be like in a wonderful, colorful, quaint, historical, eminently visitable community like Murphys. But, fellow travelers, if it has leaves and branches, you are gonna have trouble with it. Oaks keep most of their leaves through winter. An unaccustomed snow fall can cause a tree fall too. Or it breaks and falls half way. Or it hits a building, or car, or neighbor's building, fence or car. Its happened to me several times. Be warned, flatlander! If on top of that, you have drenching rains, the whole tree can become uprooted and flatten anything it sight.
If, like me, you are lucky enough to know someone like Bob Urban, thought, things can look much better in a short period of time.
Bob teased this huge monster down from its dangerous bend by weakening the arch top with small notched cuts, over a dozen of them. Then, one uppercut and he calmly shoved it over. What a guy! He makes it look easy. This tree was dangerous because a straight cut could have caused it to spring back or snap disable the cutter. Control is the name of the game. And, little dog Bird, Bob's companion, knows enough to stay out of the way. The Urban Duo. The thumbs-up and smile tell the tale and we'll both have wood to keep us warm when the next snowfall happens our way.

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