Thursday, February 5, 2009


Back packing around the world isn't for sissies as Bob Gambol can tell you. He had so many interesting experiences he is rich in memories, some of which I will share with you. He wanted to travel in Viet Nam to close that chapter of his life. Here he describes a memorable meal he had in 1995.
“In Viet Nam, prostitutes take cabs back and forth across the border but they have to have 4 people in a cab. So I got a ride with three gals right up to the border village at the Port of Entry. The U.S. Consulate is situated across the land border. I was told I had to leave and enter at the same place. So I stayed in the village and walked to a jungle compound and got a room in a cement block building with a cot. These guys were sitting under a tree and it was hot and humid and I had a beer with them. I asked, what’s for supper? They got a kid to come over. He ran into the jungle with a knife and came back with a big old snake. He went into the kitchen and skinned that thing, filleted it and we ate it with vegetables and rice. It was a great meal." Bob can be reached at

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