Friday, February 20, 2009

Alameda County Sheriff's Archive Association and Escapees

This very authentic Public Works produced sign was installed on the freeway next to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin during a time, long ago, when the old facility was "leaking" prisoners. They had 150 escapes in one year. In defense of the County Sheriff, the facility was an old, falling down leftover from Camp Shoemaker-the old barracks, in fact, and it was no match for the determined inmate of 1969. The sign was erected by "unknowns," the local newspaper was alerted by "unknowns. The paper had the sign photographed and published it. The poor put-upon jail commander had it hastily removed within hours of its installation and then it disappeared, but not completely. It finally made its way to the Archive two years ago. One thing about cops, they have an unflagging sense of humor. I've witnessed that humor many times over the last 18 years at the Archive. The Alameda County Sheriff's Archive is a treasure trove of wonderful records, photos and memorabilia of all kinds-and, yes, many humorous tales.

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