Sunday, February 1, 2009


Eleven year old Cathy and twelve year old Zoe came to the United States with about 100 Chinese students, to learn English, and in the process, American ways. This sarcophagus, or mummy, as most people refer to it, is a ceramic work of art made by American Artist Jan Stewart. Here Jan explains the significance of this Egyptian/American piece of art. Egyptian/American because the piece is an Egyptian talisman with definite American symbols. Jan inscribed a cross for her religion, her credit card, paint brushes and car keys to take into the hereafter, and Uncle Sam grasping for the heart as it sits on the scale to be weighed. It must weigh less than the feathers or her journey to the hereafter will be troubled and unhappy. Oh, my. Jan's grand daughter Cali is having a great time with her new friends, and I had a great time showing off Jan's talent in this wonderful piece of art that is the centerpiece of my art collection.
Art is life, as they say!

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