Wednesday, February 4, 2009


That song, “I Was Born In A Small Town,” has been running through my mind a lot lately. And, Murphys is a small town with a lot of character and much to recommend it. I remember upon first moving here in 1978 that everyone waved at you from their vehicles whether they knew you or not. It was a typical friendly gesture from the townsfolk even to a “flatlander” as we later learned we were called.
In those days we spied someone wearing a T-shirt with the message, “I’m not a tourist I live here in Murphys.” A nice distinction, and kind of fun. We bought them immediately. Those were the days when messages on T-shirts were popular-and they still are. But…now I see personal messages on cars and it kind of tickles me. In the 70’s if you painted your car you were a hippy. Now, anything goes. Everyone is trying to get their message out. I'm no different, I’m blogging! Its kinda crazy, and new, but I like it. Don’t think I’ll write on my car, though. Or maybe...?

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