Monday, February 23, 2009


Some people love the Academy Awards, but I happen to love potato salad. I’m always lured by a different recipe for potato salad while my friends prefer the likes of Reece Whitherspoon and the handsome hunk from “Austrailia.” I will admit I enjoyed the awards better than in past years. I’m not sure quite what was different because our “girls night” chit chat was fun and we didn‘t stay glued to the set. And, of course, there was the potato salad. Margot Osborne made it. Red potatoes, cooked in skins, then peeled. A bit of red onion, tiny florets of curly leaf parsley, thin slices of English cucumber, capers, vinegar and a smidge of mayonaise. Slap that on a plate with salty olives and some German mustard. I was in heaven. (Margot doesn’t measure.)
I have to see “Slumdog Millionaire“, “Australia,” and “Milk”. I’m so glad Sean Penn was finally recognized for his great acting ability. And the “Reader” and…well…I do love movies. But, the potato salad, now that’s art.

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