Sunday, February 8, 2009


Having children die because of faulty smoke detectors is unforgiveable. Paying for something that doesn't work is unacceptable. All planning departments should reconsider their requirements for smoke detectors. As an activist, I wish to expose this sham to as many people as I can. Please tell your friends to contact their supervisors and question what they know about smoke detectors.

These quotes prove that decades ago fire officials knew that detector failures were causing wrongful fire deaths but they hid the truth:

John C. Gerard, Fire Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department cited national statistics showing battery powered devices have a 50 to 80 percent failure rate.”

Source: Fire Chief Magazine, January 1980.

Smoke detectors were an unknown term to 99 percent of the population 10 years ago. Today, millions of single family dwellings have them, yet there is no reduction in loss of life from fire. This paradox has not been explained. Source: Fire Chief Magazine, January, 1980.

We put 50 million smoke detectors in buildings in America in a two year period and our fire loss and death rate goes up. We’re having a little trouble explaining these things.” Statement by Gordon Vickery, former head of the U.S. Fire Administration. Source: Fire Engineering Magazine, September 1980.

Residential fire death rate increases nearly 20 percent over 1984 residential death rate with over 100 million smoke detectors installed in American homes

Source: NFPA Fire Journal, November 1986, page 44

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