Friday, February 13, 2009


Where are the grandchildren when the big snow hits? Its a school day, and Owen's 9th birthday today. Happy Birthday Owen!! Wish you were here to see the beauty and have a snowball fight with Grandma. The best I could do is take some pictures. One of six inches of white stuff on Jim's motorhome. He tells me the motorhome has rarely experienced snow. (Check out his blog.) But, its beautiful stuff and I actually went outside and made a snowball and threw it at Jim and he caught it. The trees in the yard look like we live on a different planet. Both of us appreciated the beauty, despite the cold. Besides, what's winter without a bit of white stuff now and then? Of course, I'm glad to see it melt off before I have to get out the shovel. And, I don't live in Avery where Pam Quyle of Quyles Kilns tells me the power has been out for a couple of hours.

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