Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is Suzy, sweet and kind and sharing and fun! Her other strong trait is an empathy for animals. I was gone for two months, and what happens? Suzy finds a wandering cow. First it is in Brian's yard. Then its on the road. Next the pasture at Gonzalez'. The whole neighborhood has seen the wayward cow except ME of course. Its a smart cow. It gathers where the grass is greenest. (Of course, I'm missing my camera right now.) This isn't the first time she has guided a lost pony, sheep, dog, cat or cow to its rightful owner. Then, the worst happened. A horse was down on the road. Suzy held its head and tried to make it comfortable. It was extremely thin. It hadn't had its teeth floated and couldn't chew so it was starving. Its hooves hadn't been filed and it couldn't walk comfortably. She got it up and tried to walk it to her barn, but it collapsed. The Deputy from Animal Control and Suzy stayed and held vigil until a horse trailer arrived. The horse died before the vet could treat it. Suzy burst into tears and speculated that with the economy in the tank, so many people not working, they just turn their horses loose. Her message is: THAT DOESN'T WORK!! The horse suffered and died. Please, let someone know, 4-H, or Suzy Hayes on Pennsylvania Gulch Rd. at 728-8949. People will take your horse in and care for it until a new owner can be found. Amen!

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